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Wanda Bivins

Wanda Bivins

Wanda Bivins graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in the year 2002. She born and grown up in Brisbane but later she moved to Sheffield for Studying. Wanda has written for several major publications including The Northern Echo and The Bolton News. Wanda is a community Reporter and also Covers National Topics.

Tel: +44 114 242 8897
Address: 258 Tyler St, Sheffield S9 1DJ, United Kingdom
Walter Bell

Walter Bell

Walter Bell was born and raised in Sheffield. As a Reporter, Ian has contributed to several online publications including Investor Times and Belfast Live. In regards to academics, Ian has got a Post Graduation Degree in the Department Of Archaeology from University of Sheffield. As a Reporter for Oneman News Ian Covers World Topics.

Tel: +44 114 252 7843
Address: 245 Gleadless Rd, Sheffield S2 3AJ, United Kingdom
Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts is a Seasoned Journalist with nearly 6 years of experience. While studying at Sheffield College, Located at Sheffield. Scott found a passion for finding and writing articles that are published in Well known Media Publications such as Grimsby Telegraph and Politics. As a contributor to Oneman News Scott Covers National Topics.

Tel: +44 114 239 7548
Address: 45 Spital St, Sheffield S8 9LB, United Kingdom
Melissa Hibbard

Melissa Hibbard

Melissa Hibbard is an assignment Journalist at Oneman News. Melissa has covered Business, Politics and many other beats in her Journalism career and is currently living in Sheffield, UK for more than 10 years. Melissa has appeared periodically on national television shows and also has published her articles many regional publications such as The Evening News and The York Press etc.

Tel: +44 114 225 3654
Address: Sheffield S51 15WB, United Kingdom
Lauren Snider

Lauren Snider

Lauren Snider is a Reporter for Oneman News After graduating from Norton College, Lauren got an internship at UK Evening and worked as a Reporter and Producer. Lauren has also worked as a reporter for The News, Portsmouth and BBC UK. Lauren Covers International Developments.

Tel: +44 114 242 3658
Address: 428 Richmond Rd, Sheffield S13 8NA, United Kingdom
Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson is the Lead Editor for Oneman News with 12 years of experience. Jeffrey has been working for Many Large Online Publications for nearly a decade and has published his articles in many prints and digital publications including News UK, Positive News, and The Scarborough News. When Jeffrey is not busy writing he likes playing basketball.

Tel: +44 114 249 5863
Address: 19 Sunderland St, Sheffield S11 8HN, United Kingdom

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