Knife Attack at Paris Police Headquarters Leaves Four Police Officers Dead

Knife Attack at Paris Police Headquarters Leaves Four Police Officers Dead

At least four people died in the attack perpetrated with a knife by an officer of the French security forces against other agents in the Police Prefecture in Paris. The attacker was an administrative staff worker with more than 20 years of experience and was shot down by another policeman.

Four police officers were stabbed Thursday inside the police station in Paris, attacked by an employee who was killed by law enforcement. According to witnesses and concordant sources, the aggressor worked in the Intelligence Department of the police prefecture for about 20 years and suffered a disability.

The aggression, an unprecedented event in the history of the French police, occurred at the headquarters in the heart of Paris, near the Notre Dame cathedral. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, the prime minister and the head of the French Interior immediately went to the scene of the attack.

The researchers do not know what their motivations might have been, but they do not rule out that it could be a personal conflict, according to these sources. “People were running, screaming,” said Emery Siamandi, an interpreter who was in the building at the time of the attack. “I heard a shot. Moments later I saw the police screaming in panic.”

Since 2015, France has been the scene of several attacks attributed to jihadist groups, which included synchronized attacks and isolated attacks with a white weapon. In total, 251 people have lost their lives in these attacks and the country is still on alert.

This aggression in the center of Paris also occurs one day after a demonstration by thousands of policemen in Paris with which they want to attract public attention to the malaise that reigns within the institution, the increase in suicides and the reform of the pension system According to the unions, 26,000 police officers participated in this demonstration. In France there are a total of 150,000 policemen.

Thousands of French policemen demonstrated in Paris on Wednesday in a “historic” protest in which for the first time since 2001 the unions gathered to show their “tiredness” by working conditions and the wave of suicides in the collective, touched by the crisis of the “yellow vests”.

“Too many suicides, too many aggressions, deplorable living conditions,” police secretary General Stanislas Gaudon told Efe to summarize the demands of a march that brought together between 22,000 and 28,000 people, according to organizers.

Gaudon, who was in the front line of the protest, recalled that since the beginning of the year 51 agents have already taken their lives and a supplementary case is being analyzed. In addition, there have been 49 suicide attempts, well above the 35 that took their lives in 2018 and approaching the sad record of 70 in 1996.

On the reasons for this phenomenon police commit suicide much more than the rest of the population, Nathalie Makarski, general secretary of SNAPATSI, union of the administrative personnel, highlighted to Efe in the first place “a very deteriorated working conditions before the that Ministry of the Interior does nothing.”

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